5 Tips for Room Hunting with Room for Rent

Girl is looking for tips for room hunting
Girl is looking for tips for room hunting

Where we live is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions we make so it’s vital we get it right. There are many aspects that go into choosing the right room to rent which is why here on Room for Rent, we offer a wide range of filters when searching including household size, age and even if you want a balcony. 

Starting the process hunting for a room to rent can be daunting so here are a few tips to get you started

  1. Make a list. Ask yourself what you’re exactly looking for whether it be a double bedroom or you need parking. Even if you want to get right down to specifics and you’ve been dreaming of a big kitchen with a beautiful island in the centre, so you and your housemates can cook and socialise together. It’s good to have this in mind so you don’t end up settling.
  2. What are your negotiables and non negotiables? So you’ve made a list and whilst you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here on ministryofrooms.com as we have an amazing selection of rooms (if we don’t say so ourselves) You may not be able to have it all. For example if you want a great city view but also a green lush garden…the two are unlikely to come in one home so you’ll have to decide what is most important and what you can live without. 
  3. Don’t judge the room by the current occupants decor style. Some people have the vision and can look past this but some of us struggle to see ourselves in a space which means we end up missing out on a great room. So when you see a room decorated with bright pink curtains and bedsheets but you’re more of a black and white type of person, try to look past it and imagine yourself in the room. 
  4. Ask questions, Lots of them! As mentioned before, deciding where you live is a big deal and you want to get it right so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when looking for a room. Not only will it help you get peace of mind, it will also help your future landlord or housemates get to know you better. 
  5. Keep an open mind. You may have strict guidelines of what you want and that’s great but you don’t want this to hold you back from anything that may work for you. So during your search, maybe look at something you usually wouldn’t. You may be pleasantly surprised and find something you like a lot more. 

So there we have it, enjoy your search and happy room hunting! 

Author: Scola Dondo      


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