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Students Preferred Choice of Stay : Private Landlord, Estate Agent or University Accommodation

Joining Ministry of Rooms could not be more simple. As opposed to most other sites you are  free to list – making the most of your rental income without the necessity of an agent. You can list up to 5 photos and 1 video per advert to best showcase your property, and on top of that make unlimited revisions without incurring any extra cost. 

Whilst other rental sites will offer you the initial listing as free, understands a lot of landlords need the availability of multiple listings and the further need to make revisions – which are unlimited with Ministry of Rooms. With us you can create free ads for all properties required. Given a difficult year we have optimised to ensure facilitation of house viewings between landlords and tenants, bridging the gap like few can ensure. Aside from extending several photos and 1 video for our landlords to advertise, we also offer a video chat for our landlords and tenants to best communicate and exhibit their property. 

In the same way, our instant messaging service prohibits landlords to make certain of their future tenants. Communication is of primary importance as is finding the ideal fit. To separate ourselves, combined with our video chat, our instant messaging chat makes renting out a room easy, even during the most challenging of times. What’s more, with hyper-targeted geographical listings you can provide a full picture of the ideal area without the usual interruptions. A lot of sites will spam with inaccurate listings to desired requirements but we pride ourselves in giving the most accurate information in and around your property so that no stone is left unturned. 

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