Tips for Decorating a Rental Room

Tips for decorating your room for rent
How to decorate a rented room

Tips for decorating a rental room

Decorating a rental room or property is not the time to unleash your personal taste and creativity now you’re a landlord. Follow these simple tips to create appealing and desirable spaces that will make renting out your room a doddle. 

  1. Pick a design that will be easy to maintain

When choosing a design for a rental room you need to think differently than if you were redecorating your own home. As a landlord you will be responsible for maintaining the standard and facilities in the room. If you are providing a room fully furnished choose furniture items that are easy to clean and hard to break and when decorating, choose paint over wallpaper so touch ups are quicker and cheaper. Washable paint is a great option for rental rooms.

2. Keep it minimal and classic

You don’t want your room’s new design to put off potential tenants, so keep it minimal and classic. A neutral colour scheme is far from boring and used the right way can be really luxurious. Think creams, greys and light brown tones to appeal to more people. Plus, you’ll be providing your new tenant with a blank canvas to add their own style.

3. Ensure the design is functional

Now’s not the time to go all experimental with your interior design. There’s a reason most homes have carpet in the bedroom and vinyl or tiles in the bathroom so go with that; just choose a more durable option. When making your flooring choices it’s worth thinking about the durability, ease of maintenance, and how easy and costly it would be replace if damaged.

4. Add texture but don’t go overboard

Room accessories and soft furnishings can help to add texture and make a room feel homelier and luxurious. Think wood, rattan, glass or mirrored accessories to help layer up room’s design – but be careful not to overload with personal items. Overall you’re looking to create a luxe atmosphere with your homeware and furnishings, not a cluttered mess.


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